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familyI am the mother of two wonderful girls who are the centre of my world. They love to play make-believe, dress-up, and explore the natural world, all the while feeling magical and special. Their curiosity has no end and they are constantly mesmerized by the wonderful colours they see in nature – from the ever-changing hues of the dragonfly’s wings to the explosion of colour in the hummingbird’s flutter. They want their lips to shine, their cheeks to shimmer, their nails to sparkle, and to smell pretty.

To help them play out their imaginations, I tried to find safe products that they could wear that would make them feel more magical. As a health conscious mother, I struggled to find products that met my safe and natural criteria. There were a few items, but most were chemical-filled and unhealthy – none were 100% all natural. To address this issue, I searched for the purest, most natural, highest quality ingredients to create my own products. When I tested my new creations on my girls and their friends, the look on their faces and their excited reactions showed me I had created a winning combination: pure + natural + magical. My family and friends also loved my products and encouraged me to share my wonderfully clean creations. And so Earth Princess was born. I hope your girls enjoy our products as much as mine do!