Pure ~ Natural ~ Magical

Every girl can be a princess of the Earth.

All Natural Body Products For Girls.

Earth Princess products have been created with the utmost priority given to your children’s health and the environment. Only the purest, most natural, highest quality ingredients have been used. All of our products are personally formulated and handmade in small batches. Everything is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. We have used no preservatives, no artificial fragrances or flavours, no micronised minerals, and no petrochemicals. All of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, BPA, and formaldehyde. If it is harmful to you or the environment, you will not find it in our products!

We believe it is essential for good health to get back to a more natural way of life. We live in a toxic world with chemicals all around us. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, to the products we put on our bodies – we are constantly exposed to harmful substances. It was very important for us to create a natural and chemical-free alternative for our children.

We strongly believe in natural living, but also in having fun and keeping the magic and wonder of childhood alive. Our goal was to create a fun and magical product that was completely natural and safe for our children’s bodies. If you are a big kid and want to share in your children’s make-believe, go ahead and put some Fairy Dust on your cheeks, some Lip Shine on your lips, some sparkly Water-based Polish on your nails, and a few drops of Earth Scents on your skin. You can be an Earth Princess, too!